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Commercial Overhead Doors

Tri-State Overhead Door & Gate offers a wide variety of commercial overhead door services, including but not limited to, sales and service work for any commercial door application. Having a properly operating commercial overhead door can be essential for your business to operate smoothly and efficiently and is also vital in maintaining a safe work environment. Tri-State Overhead Door & Gate has the experience in the field and the equipment to ensure that any commercial overhead door is properly installed or is properly repaired.

Dock Services

Tri-State Overhead Door & Gate offers a wide range of products and services when it comes to loading dock equipment. Having dock equipment that is efficient and properly working is a good way to keep your business running smooth, efficient and safe. Tri-State has the hands-on experience and the equipment to ensure properly working dock equipment to help keep your business running at peak efficiency. Tri-State Overhead Door & Gate offers sales, installation, service, and emergency service when it comes to dock equipment.

24-Hour Emergency Service

Sometimes a broken or mis-functioning door or dock can not only hold your business back from operating smoothly, it can also be extremely dangerous. Doors & docks can have parts that are (but not limited to) substantially heavy or have an extreme amount of tension on them. These parts can fall or launch from the door causing property damage or worse, serious injury or death. If you have a door that is not functioning properly, give us a call, we are available 24 hours a day for emergency service.


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