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PM Services - Preventive Maintenance

Preventive Inspections and Maintenance

At Tri-State Overhead Door & Gate, we provide a wide array of services for commercial and industrial properties, when it comes to preventive maintenance. We proudly provide preventative maintenance for overhead doors, overhead door components, dock levelers, and other dock components. Our PM Services are available both on a scheduled, interval basis as well as a one-time, per call basis. By performing regular maintenance and inspections to important components that keep your business running, at Tri-State Overhead Door & Gate we help to ensure that everything is in proper, functioning condition, which can help prevent costly breakdowns, repairs and downtime in the future, as well as save our customers money. This service is ideal for businesses that heavily rely on their overhead doors, docks, & dock components for daily operations, as this service helps minimize downtime and maximize the efficiency of your business. Our professional and experienced team at Tri-State is fully committed to providing you with the highest quality of service and we strive for customer satisfaction.

Preventine Maintenance for Sectional Doors

Remove and replace damaged/warn rollers
Remove and replace broken hinges
Check cables for frays/damage
Check bearings for ware/ damage
Tighten any loose set screws, coupler bolts, track bolts etc.
Adjust tension as needed
Lubricate all moving parts
Inspect weather seal
Straighten tracks
Provide any recommendations for additional work

Dock Solutions & Services

New installations
Existing dock equipment service and repairs
Dock pit forming
Dock pit concrete pouring and finishing
Dock pit concrete repair
Dock pit fabrication work
Annual dock maintenance and pit cleaning

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